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Since 1982 I have been in advertising and promotion. From 1982-1986 I ran my own business. In 1986 I landed a job as a writer for AMSOIL INC. and played an instrumental role in setting up the company's advertising program. In late 1987 I was hired by The Chromaline Corporation to set up an in-house ad agency whereupon I devoted myself to all facets of advertising and marketing communications. The company grew more than four fold during my tenure and I returned to AMSOIL in 1996 to pick up where I left off. IN 2003 I was voted Business Person of the Year by the Proctor DECA, a high school organization dedicated to learning and implementing principles of marketing.

The following articles flow from experience, not theory. It has been my privilege to be entrusted with other peoples' money to test in the real world the convictions I had developed privately. I believe strongly in the doctrine of Return On Investment. ROI is the final measure of success in business marketing endeavors. Whether it be time or money, we have a responsibility to those things which have been entrusted to us. Wastefulness is not the road to wealth.



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