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I met Bob and Betty King when my wife, Susie, and I were living in Mexico, working at an orphanage with 120 children. The Kings used to visit once a month, bringing gifts for the children and encouragement for the workers.

On one occasion, we were praying for a car so we could take the kids around Monterrey and do more for the children. What a surprise when Bob and Betty gave us their green Ford station wagon!

Well, here's the kicker. You see, we thought they were just rich Texans giving us one of their old beater vehicles from the back forty. As it turned out, when we left Mexico the Kings opened their modest home to us and to our surprise we learned that they had given us their second car. Bob had begun taking the bus to work!

To me, this kind of sacrifice speaks volumes.

Bob and Betty spent years singing and speaking at churches in order to raise an interest in the needs of Mexico's orphaned and forgotten children. Yet no matter how much they did, their hearts urged them to do more. Ultimately, in 1986, they left ther jobs and formed an organization called Hungry Kids International and opened a new orphanage near the border called Casa Del Rey (House of the King). The home opened on June 2, 1986, providing its dozens of children with loving Christian care, medical attention and food.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS PAGE is to introduce you to Bob and Betty King. Their generosity made a difference in our lives at one of its critical junctures. I know that if you want to be part of something that will make a difference in a life,
becoming a supporter of Hungry Kids International will be a very satisfying experience. The Kings are fully given to the children they serve and lead.

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Hungry Kids International is a non-profit religious organization.
If you are interested in more information, or would like to make a contribution
(or become a regular supporter) write to:

Bob & Betty King
c/o Hungry Kids International
P.O. Box 87, Quemado, Texas 78877

ph. 830-757-1432 and 830-757-2447

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Would that the world were filled with more people like the Kings.

"The Christian life is 10% guidance and 90% giving." Rees Howells

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Hungry Kids International, nor do I profit from it in any way. I am simply a believer in and supporter of their work....

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