"The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths." -- Bruce Nauman

This Gallery was originally opened as a forum to share the work of crayon artists Don Marco and Jeffrey Robert. You may also take pleasure in some of my own expressions.


First I would introduce you to Don Marco and Jeffrey Robert whose work in crayons is simply astonding.

In addition, I would introduce you to an artist who achieved his fame in Hollywood, but whose art is relatively unknown: Jonathan Winters. He is one of a kind, and his imaginative paintings and silkscreens are equally unique. Jon says, "Show business has been really good to me,... but in film, in television, theater, you've got directors, producers, writers who all have a say. The end result in television is this: they've got the scissors. In art, they can't edit your painting."

The first time I laid eyes on one of Don Marco's paintings, I was immensely moved. I was in a restaurant here in Duluth, Minnesota. I saw an evocative, almost haunting portrait of an old indian woman and I asked the waitress who did it. She said it was an artist named Don Marco, and that his studio was upstairs.

Needless to say, I was determined to meet him. I had been an art major in college and can appreciate what goes into a real work of art.

In nearly every way he startled me. He didn't dress like an artist or act like an artist. Nor did he paint like an artist. In fact, his paintings turn out to be done with Crayola Crayons!

No sooner had I discovered him than I found out he has a son whose work is equally remarkable. ... and who also works with crayons.

Check out Jeffrey Robert's Portrait of a Young Girl which has been done in a classical style. Tell the truth. Isn't it stunning?

I would venture to guess that you have never seen anything like it. At least not in Crayola.

Now check out Don Marco's Mountain Man. (And you thought crayons were for kids.)

Two more original crayon paintings by Don Marco! Navajo Wisemen and Spring Rescue.

Check out these Three New Paintings by Don Marco


Cool Stuff by Jonathan Winters

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Also added here for your viewing pleasure are a few of my own digital expressions from infinity and beyond.

The Quest for Absolutes.

Self Portrait With Blue Eye

Dad's Dog

Apple of my Eye

the eyes have it

Out from Within

Dot's Somethin'

White Rabbit

another one

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