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Publishing Credits

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Two volumes of notes, observations and impressions about the music, art and life of Bob Dylan, 2016
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Inspirational Markets
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Between This & That, Olive Press, Sept 2005
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The Fall, the Cross and the Second Coming, Olive Press, Jan 2006
A World Turned On Its Head, Olive Press, Feb 2006
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Words, Olive Press, May 2006
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Pottery Workshop... Proctor Journal, 1997
Light of the World, Hermantown Star, 1998
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Profile of Congressman Jim Oberstar, People amd Politics, 1988
Profile of Candidate Jerry Schuster, People and Politics, 1988

The Precinct Caucus, Berean League
On the Eve of War, Oberstar Town Meeting, UMD
Gary Heikkala speaks to Dallas

Short Stories
The Breaking Point (Winner of 1991 Arrowhead Fiction Competition)
Terrorists Preying (translated to French by Aude Fondard)
The Nose
The Empty Space
The Nonsense Room
Duel of the Poets (translated to Croatian for poetry website)
Lu Lee & the Magic Cat
Yuzmin's Folly
The Apology
An Unremembered History of the World
The Unfinished Stories of Richard Allen Garston
The Angry Visitor from Xon
A Poem About Truth
Three Nights in August / A Neighborhood Sensation
Samson and Delilah
Liz Mills
When Eutychus Fell
A Brief Transaction
For One Night of Love
Episode on South Street
>basis for short film by DF Productions

Self Published Booklets
Potpourri, Volume One: Original Stories by Ed Newman
Potpourri, Volume Two: Terrorists Preying
Whispering in the Wilderness