November 1978

The Parade of Small Happy People

Susie and I were captives, captured by someone who we didn't trust. I really thought he was out to get us. The whole situation was difficult for us to accept.... and I kept thinking they were trying to torture us.

For example, the Leader was trying to clean my ears with a Q-tip. He just wanted to get the wax out of my ears, but I thought he was trying to hurt me.

We were going around on the back of a large flat-truck and we saw a parade of little people, all walking briskly, singing cheerfully, really happy, marching along all together. They had really happy faces.

Then we heard a voice. It was a small lady in the parade who knew Susie and seemed to call out in a Scottish voice, "Stop!" Everyone in the parade stopped. This little lady was in a vehicle or something (or being carried about) and she appeared to have authority to stop the whole parade, so we thought, even though she was very small, that she was the "big wheel", though I realized later I was wrong.

Susie and I leaped down from the truck, away from our captors, and Susie talked to this little Queen. Then we returned to the truck as the little parade merrily continued on its way.

New scene:
Running downhill on a spiral walkways, I see Al Furst* going ahead of me. There is a pool of water at the very bottom with one of those "look through" viewing machines there (like the kind you find atop the Smoky Mtns or World Trade Center... for seeing distances up close). The machine was pointed upwards with eye chart letters on it.

* Al was a friend from Bible school This dream occurred while I lived in Puerto Rico. Al was in PR at the same time.


1. Not hearing well: The people who were attending to us were trying to help us. The Q-Tip was to help get the wax out of my ears so that I could better hear God's voice.

2. Eye Chart: The viewing machine was pointed upwards, looking toward things above. Is the eye chart a "trick" to help me get my eyes examined, so that I can better see things as they are?

3. Pool of Water: For cleansing?

4. The Little Parade: Upon waking, these little happy people seemed a symbol of True Christians.... lowly, lovely, cheerful, regal, but humble. A beautiful picture of the Kingdom of God.

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