U. S. Grant has been one of my inspirational heroes for more than a dozen years.
His initiative, decisiveness, humility, purposefulness and strength of character can provide an example for all of us.

I particularly enjoy his his opening remarks in the Preface of his Personal Memoirs:

"Man proposes and God disposes." There are but few important events in the affairs of men brought about by their own choice. --U.S. Grant

The following notes were made upon reading James R. Arnold's account of the Battle of Vicksburg titled, Grant Wins the War. It is my hope that you will find something of value is here.

Insights from the life of U.S. Grant

1) Battle of Vicksburg one of two significant Civil War battles in terms of strategic brilliance.... and THE Significant Battle in terms of importance with regards to turning the course of the war.

2) Grant: a Hero for the rest of his life based on a short term event
--> catapulted to leadership of Union Army, and ultimately U.S. presidency

3) Power of Action
Decisiveness in action stands out because of its contrast with the indecisive masses.
Men of Action change the world. (Talk is cheap.)

4) Past Performance is not indicative of future results (1850's: decade of frustration for Grant.)

Notes of interest regarding Vicksburg

· Grant's success due in part to concentration of forces
· Grant's success due in part to swiftness of execution
· Ability to Manage. A big operation, included food, shelter, rest, coordinated
movements, ...
· Morale a critical factor in success of Team
· Communication a vital component
· Grant's Presence... Inspirational; In Touch, not absent
· Focus: Grant's Commitment to the Task... not diverted
Rejected orders from above because they no longer applied to current situation.
· Initiative: Took advantage of opportunity
· No "Councils of War" ... Made all final decisions, and took responsibility

Novel Event: First time in human history where an assault was made based on Synchronized Timepieces. (Sherman, McClernand, McPherson all to begin assault at same time, based on synchronized timepieces.)


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