Eighteen Low Cost

and No Cost Tactics

to Grow Your Business

1) Cross sell to existing customers
2) Give people a reason to contact you
(Free catalog, free advice, discount if purchase in next thirty days, etc.)
3) Create systems for following up on leads... links in the chain
Prospect --> Customer --> Long term relationship --> Evangelist
4) Become a public speaker, teacher, trainer or mentor ... Expert
5) Ask for referrals
6) Measure all of your advertising activities. Eliminate the failures.
7) Learn how to use your database and keep it clean and current.
8) "Add On" sales specials at the order desk
9) Design ads that aim to Sell, not simply entertain.
10) Train your sales staff
* How to sell
* Which products to sell (with most margins)
11) Create Synergies: Phone Number and website URL should be on everything.
12) After you make a sale, continue to follow up and follow through.
13) Continually revisit your "unique selling proposition" for each market
you are in. Clarify & fine tune your message.
14) Think through your channels of distribution. What kind of
incentivization do you have for your middlemen? What motivations do they have to push your product?
15) If young people come to your place of business to do business with you, is it hip? Is it clean and inviting? Does it make people want to come do business with you?
16) Identify and influence the influencers. Make this a persistent long term goal...
17) Do it right the first time
18) "A stitch in time saves nine"


Ed Newman