Micah's Clay Figurines Featured in Children's Museum

May 22, 1999 Duluth News Tribune: "Want to see the creative work of a 12-year-old? Check out the hundreds of clay figurines created by Micah Newman of Solway Township that are on display at the Children's Museum in the Depot. Interested in the Civil War, Newman created figures depicting battlefield and camp life for Union and Confederate armies, including numerous styles of uniforms, battle and period dress. Newman's 'Orcs and Humans' collections, inspired by Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' Series and another, based on the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, bring you to other ers and worlds. Newman's work is on display through June."

Union Drum Major

Micah's agile fingers have been molding clay in his mother's pottery studio since before he can remember. His presentation of military uniforms through history won Grand Prize at the St. Louis County Fair in 1998.

In a feature story Joan Farnum of the Duluth Budgeteer wrote, "Micah's figurines aren't just haphazardly put together... They're often based on books he's read, or particular characters he wants to develop.

"The detail in the tiny Civil War sculptures is almost unbelievable, and it only took him about ten minutes to make each of them.

"All the details of life have been reproduced so well that it's like having a bird's-eye view back in time. Everything from canteens with leather straps, piles of hard tack and donkeys tiredly pulling carts have been reproduced here."

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