Born August 24, 1986

Micah Newman: The Claymation Kid.

His special knack for creative expression in clay and in working with his hands has led naturally to his current fascination with the medium of animated video production.


Summer 1998 ~ Grand Prize, St. Louis County Fair, for presentation of clay figures depicting military uniforms through history.

May/June 1999 ~ Clay Figurine Exhibit, Duluth Depot Children's Museum featuring work from three periods of his development:
Civil War Collection, Union and Confederate armies
Orcs and Humans, based on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
Figures based on Redwall Series by Brian Jacques
The Children's Museum also presented early animated works.

July 2000 ~ Grand Prize Winner, FableVisionary "North Star Dreaming"
Student Clay Animation Festival, 5th-12th grade competition national in scope. A one minute animated story, "Lucy Discovers Her True Self".

Fall 2000 ~ Two 30 second televised animated spots promoting Harry Welty for State Senate in 2000 election. As a result of Micah and Harry's Surprise Yourself campaign Harry Welty received twice as many votes as any other Republican candidate in the Northland.   

March 2002
~ Animated Eggebrecht Chevrolet spot ... "At Jim Eggebrecht Chevrolet, where you the customer are always number one."

Fall 2004 ~ Exported to University of North Dakota, Freshman in the honors program.



2000-2002 ~ Internship, Parthe Film & Video Productions

Tools: G-4 Power Mac, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Sony Digicam



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