Praise from Readers

"Dear Bud, ... Thanks not only for the copy of the book, but also for putting those wartime notes into a permanent record. It is an important addition to all the "stuff" historians record. I couldn't put the book down once I got into it. It brought back a lot of memories reading about times, places, and people from 55+ years ago."
~ retired General John W. Vessey,
former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


"Your excellent book will be placed in this collection set apart in our museum for the casual reader and the researcher alike. These important memories have incredible value. Your book could be used as a model for the publication of a soldier's view of the experience."  
~ Jerry L. Gorden, BG(IA)
Director, Iowa Gold Star Museum


"I have just completed reading the book and wanted to let you know how impressed I am. I was expecting it to be just a photo copy manuscript, but it is as professional as any publisher's production. Now for the contents. WOW!! I wonder if when your Dad was keeping his diary if he ever thought how beneficial it would be, especially to guys like me. To know where the troops were by date, what the chow was, casualties, and sadly to say, the lost men of the 151st FA were details I did not expect to learn."  
~ Mr. Richard Ashe



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