I would like to dedicate these poems to my grandmother, Elizabeth Sandy, a mind awake. She had a strong belief in the power of the intuitive, hence her appreciation of the arts. It was my good fortune to live geographically within her sphere the first twelve years of my life and later, while attending college in Southeast Ohio.

The following is a poem which originally appeared in her chapbook of poems titled "Helping The Sun Grow".

Aftermath Of A Stroke
Here I lie, tight packed as in my Mother's womb
I laid with restlessness a full lifetime ago.
But still entirely I, altho I have no room
To move about and at my will to come and go.
But now -- I wander, freely in my mind
The long road thru the crowding mists of time,
And pause in my journeying now and then
To live the happy times again
Made bright indeed by sunset's glow!

by Elizabeth Sandy