Author's note: The true Haiku Form is three lines of verse, seventeen syllables in length, with five syllables on the first and last lines, seven in the middle. A few of the following poetic thoughts do not qualify as haiku, as you will note, though most of them fulfill the seventeen syllable mandate.
My apologies to the purists.

I. In the Wilderness
With reticent perfection
the fugitive silence
descends untamed.

White paper, black ink.
Words form sentences that make
no sense. Mysteries.

White paper, black ink.
Words define truth and obscure it.
Sublime engima.

VI. On the Mountain
Behold, an angel
sleeps, wrapped in tissues of dream.
No, it is a man.

XII. The Angels
There were three of them
radiating holy bliss.
We saw them, and fled.

XIV. The Word
Rich choral frescoes
flashing rhapsodies of light
infused with purpose.

XXI. Firewalkers
Pursuing our dreams,
wild hearts blazing with passsion,
we walked the fired coals.

XXII. Death
Consciousness awakes:
Denying the void
he looked up and saw. The Light.

On the verge of tears.
Why? Unhappy with myself?
or circumstances?

Pulled in all directions
when all he wanted
was to retreat inside.

He laughed when he
remembered how it used to be
when hope was alive.

Reflex action,
instantaneous choice.
Beware hasty decisions.

XXX. Again
The answer to a
question he never asked
left him wondering why.

XXXII. Pariah
Grey wind like gloom dawn;
Fermin, followed by outcaste
dog, perceives his death.

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