Several Short Poems and Posies

Magic Fire

What matters? Not
this earthly skin,
but only that which is
borne within.
Unfurled love,
unchained desire,
a radiant heart-held
magic fire.

Falling Too Far

Like Icarus
I have flown too high
to heights that I
cannot sustain
propelled by love
to touch the sun
and burn my wings

The Stranger

As he stood facing the naked sky
his passive gaze, pallid face, windblown hair,
gnarled hands and weathered brow
revealed nothing of his caved in heart.

One True Measure

We measure our lives
By one True Measure:
Our proximity - Far or Near,
Day by Day, Year by Year --
To our Heart's Treasure.

Total Eclipse

In the days of the Solar Eclipse
when the sun for a time hid its face
the creatures of night all emerged to explore
the strange world of non-light at mid-day.

Childhood's Beauty

It knows not the darkness,
or rather, lacking words
to define what is only sensed,
the child escapes
in innocence.

To Be
Authentic inclinations -- to thine own self be true --
without inhibitions, get in touch with your roots.