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Publication Credits ~ A non-exhaustive overview of my written work

Silk Pajamas... an Original Story by my daughter Christina when she was eleven.

Coconuts and Seagulls... a more recent story by Christina, December 2002.

See why my son Micah's reputation is growing as The Claymation Kid

ennyman's territory
and a Link to my Labyrinth ... a little puzzle for those who enjoy diversions. Let me know when you've found the Minotaur.

Dylan Does Duluth... Story of My Early Christmas, 1998

A modest list of My Favorite Things

My father-in-law has just published his World War II Diaries & Memoirs in a fascinating book called "And There Shall Be Wars". Over 500 pages, illustrated with 178 original photos and documents.

A page dedicated to Hungry Kids International

Brief Tribute to my Alma Mater

Feedback Welcome

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