"For in Him we live and move and have our being." Acts 17:28

Isn't it a wonder how the air we breath goes right inside of us, not simply into our lungs, but all the way into our blood stream. The wonderful, incredible way in which oxygen is carried by the blood stream and its tributaries and capillaries to nourish and cleanse every cell in our bodies is a wonder of creation.

Breathing is something we usually take for granted. But until our last breath, its the ongoing miracle that sustains us.

At the end of a busy day we can sometimes collapse in our beds so weary and spent we have no energy left for anything, even reading. Yet we go on breathing, replenishing our cells, sustaining our bodies with vital air.

Is it possible that in the same way our souls are to be nourished and sustained by God through spiritual breathing? Many great saints were simply ordinary people who knew this secret of ongoing prayer: spiritual breathing. Through prayer they drew God into their deepest selves, like air. They were nourished in ways we hardly comprehend. In some marvelous way, prayer is vital to our lives.

Lord, fill my soul with your Spirit in the same way my lungs fill with air when I breathe. Help me to remember your presence in my life and to not take you for granted.