Who can tell what a day will bring forth? Prov. 27:1

Periscopes are intriguing devices. By the use of mirrors they allowed submarines during the war to remain underwater while surveying the activity of enemy ships above the water's surface.

Some of us, as children, made homemade periscopes with mirrors and tubes that enabled us to see around corners. We could stand in the kitchen and look down the hall... or peek into the yard from a hiding spot in the garage. Periscopes enabled us to look over a wall into someone else's yard.

Time, too, is an interesting phenomenon. Although we live in the present, we can only look backwards with certainty. There is a wall that hides our eyes from seeing the future. We want to see, long to see, but the wall is fixed, immobile, and there is no periscope that will allow us to see over the top or around the corner of it.

Many people believe that by examining present trends we can prognosticate the future. However, it seems apparent that such efforts can never be attempted with absolute certainty. The possibilities of success and the seeds of destruction exist side by side in our present circumstances like flowers and weeds in a garden.

Sometimes it seems like it would be great to have a periscope that enabled us to see the future. But then, half the adventure of living is its uncertainty.

Whatever tomorrw brings, God will be with me to bring good out of it.