The Voice


"Ye who have ears..." Mark 4:9

Who do we listen to? There are so many opinions, so many voices. Occasionally they concur. Other times they are at complete odds. How much easier it was when we were children who simply accepted what our parents told us. What mom or dad said served as our final authority.

But as we grew, life became more complicated. We began to realize that our parents did not know everything or totally see things as they were. It became apparent that they, too, had biases, or imperfect understanding. Their opinions were occasionally nothing more than that, opinions.

The challenge of coming of age is chiefly this: in a world of many voices, where is there a voice that is reliable, upon which I can stake my life, hopes and dreams? Scoffers and mockers abound. Spokespersons who would manipulate us for their own ends seek followers. With so many voices calling out to us, the roar drowns out the still small voice of Him who speaks truly, who has spoken and continues to speak.

There are many who have not yet heard, and will not hear, because they do not value the Voice enough to seek it, to listen for it, to still their hearts by retreating from the busy-ness and distractions of this world.

Listen. Hear. He speaks!

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10