Silk Pajamas

An Original Story
by Christina Newman

In the summer of 1999, I was going into 7th grade. It was an awkward year for me because I was only 11. I had skipped a grade, which made me younger than everyone in my class. I was too young for youth group, but too old for other goups. That made it hard for me to make friends.

I only had 2 friends, Jordan who was a trouble maker, and Haily who was my best friend ever. Jordan and I got along perfect.We were exact opposites, but mom says opposites attract. I'm the quiet type, I never get in trouble, get good grades, and come from a family that never has much extra money to spend.

Jordan is a loud obnoxious trouble maker who comes from a wealthy family that gives her everything that a kid could want. She does strange things, like when she walked out of the house with long beautiful brown hair, and came back with an extremly short blonde haircut, and her ears pierced. It kind of shocked me, but never really affected our friendship. Another time she painted the walls of her room black. It made me feel so uneasy. I never accepted her invitations until her mom repainted her walls white again.

We are almost as close as Haily and I are, now. We (me and Haily) have always been close, but never quite as close as we have been since Haily's 12th birthday. Haily's biggest (and only) problem is that she's jealous. Very jealous. Especially of my silk pajamas.

First I was given one pair as a gift from my grandparents, then I got another one from my mom. After that, she got mad every time I wore them. At first I wore them just to annoy her, but I soon found out that I wasn't annoying her- I was making her furious. After a while her birthday came, and I decided to buy her a pair. I bought a matching pair for myself with my own money that I had saved up. It was a sleepover, so I brought my p.j.s too.

I walked in her house and handed her the package, wrapped in blue (her favorite color) paper with daisies (her favorite flower) all over it.

"Let me help you unpack." Haily said.

"OK," I returned uncertainly. When she saw my pajamas I could tell she was mad. Even though she didn't say anything, I could see the revenge taking place in her mind. I could always see right through Haily's sweet faces covering up the anger she felt.


Two hours later we went upstairs to get dressed for bed. Then we were to open presents. I walked upstairs, and as soon as I opened my the door, I saw it. My pajamas were ripped in shreds. Haily walked in behind me.

"Oh no!" she said. "It must have been Whiskers. You know how cats are. I guess you'll have to borrow a pair of mine. Just be careful not to rip them or get them dirty."

I knew it wasn't the cat, but I kept quiet. Tears came to my eyes, not because of my pajamas, but because Haily had done it on Purpose. Haily had cut my pajamas on purpose! How could anyone do that?! It was so cruel.

There were 5 girls altogether -- me, Haily, Karli, Summer and Breezy, or BreeAnna. "Open mine first!" every one squealed. I'm sure it was on purpose that she opened mine last.

"Who's is This one?" she asked rudely.

"Mine," I squeaked.

"Oh. You." She picked up the package reluctantly, and slowly as if opening presents was the most boring thing in the world, took off the paper. As soon as she saw its contents, tears sprung into her eyes and she burst into tears. She hugged me tight and whispered into my ear, "I'm so sorry. I love you. I was so jealous.... I didn't know....."

I nodded and hugged her back. Tears still pouring out of her eyes, she handed me the package.
"Here. I ruined yours, you can keep mine." She smiled sadly.

I smiled back. "Thank you," I whispered. "Thank you."

August 2000
Christina Newman is eleven years old and wants to be a writer when she grows up.